Work environment and security

Physically and mentally sound work environments are highly prioritized. We are generally very focused on keeping a safe environment, especially as we deal with multiple potentially dangerous instruments. You can find more IFA-information and Work enviromment and more at AU:

Here you can see IFA´s Work environment and safety organisation, and please also read IFA´s safety brochure: under IFA safety, choose- No. 7.

If you have any questions, you can contact one of these Safety Environment Managers (AML) or Work Environment Representative (AMR)

Chemical safety (incl. X-ray diffraction): Jesper Olsen (AML) and Mette Sand Kalaee (AMR)
See also Chemical safety at IFA.

Machine- and electric-security: Claus Grosen (AML) and Hans Fynbo (AMR)

Radiation security: Heine Dølrath Thomsen (AML) and Erik Loft Larsen (AMR)

Laser security: Michael Drewsen (AML) and Steen Brøndsted Nielsen (AMR)

Office safety (incl. physical work environment): Maria Juhler Maibom (AML) and Rikke Sinding Jensen (AMR)