Holiday and absence

Registration and alteration of vacation and special holidays

Agree vacation days and special holidays, or changes hereof, with your supervisor and send an email to cc your supervisor, with details of:

- Which days to delete
- Which days to add

After confirmation you will see the registrations on AU’s absence registration system.

IMPORTATNT: As we are not ready for employees adjusting the holiday and absence scheme in the absence registrations system “mitHR”, you must send an e-mail to cc your supervisor.

We will update you if this changes.

In August, the standard holiday is announced to all employees in staff letter pr. e-mail and then via IFA-NEWS approx. 3 times a year.

We recommend to keep the staff letter for future reference. 

In August/September, the standard holiday is mass registered as pr. information in the staff letter.

Ordinary holiday

The holiday must be taken within the period of 1st September til 31st December (16 months).

Special holidays

The special holidays must be taken within the period of 1st May til 30th April (12 months).


Standard holiday profile is as follows: 

Holiday profile, ordinary holidays:

  • 4 days at Christmas (27-30 Dec 2022)
  • 1 days at Easter (5 apr 2023)
  • 3 weeks in July/August (weeks 29, 30 and 31 - 2023)
  • 5 days in October (week 42 - 2023)

Holiday profile, special holidays:

  • 5 days in February (week 7 - 2023)

Time registration

If you are to report time you must make sure absence and time registrations do not conflict!


You are to inform illness and long term illness to your supervisor and

Maternity / parental leave

If you are planning maternity or parental leave you must check out HRs website here.