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In the future, your risk of getting a virus on your PC will be minimized

Aarhus University will make use of a new service on all employee computers, in short the new service will scan the links you can access when you make  a search on the Internet. The service is called McAfee SiteAdvisor, and it gives the user an assessment of whether a link potentially can contain virus, malware or something similar, by giving you a warning, indicated by the colours red, yellow or green, before the user presses a link. Green will be accessed automatically. Yellow will give a warning window, where you are asked to confirm availability, and pages that are red you cannot access.

SiteAdvisor has already been installed on computers in some departments at the University, and her we have experienced a marked drop in the number of virus and malware-infected computers.

The installation of the new service will be automatic on your computer on February 25th, 2016 without you noticing, but you will be prompted to restart the computer.

Any questions regarding SiteAdvisor can be directed to your local IT helpdesk or your local IT supporter.

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Please use the printing office at the Faculty of Health Sciences:

Fællestrykkeriet - SUN
Aarhus Universitet
Universitetsparken, bygn. 1163
Telefon: 871 68287
Fax: 861 30669

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