Work environment and safety

Emergency (after hours)

  • Fire: Dial 0-112 - and call buildings manager Ove Fjordside
  • Water damage and power break-down: Call buildings manager Ove Fjordside. Local: 52248. Mobile: 2899 2013.
  • Operational technician: Per Kühnel. Local 52254. Mobil: 2899 2035.

Head of Department should also be informed.

IFA Workplace Assesment (WPA)

IFA Safety

List of safety-at-work representatives (pdf).

The safety organization at the Department is contributing to ensure that all work is performed in a health and safety properly way, and that the working environment is secured as well as the surrounding environment is protected.

Working Environment at AU

Work accident and how to report it

Here are some links to relevant introductions of relevant security issues (in Danish and only with local access).

  1. Radiation safety (pdf - 350 kB)
  2. Radiation protection during pregnancy (pdf - 330 kB)
  3. Electrical safety (pdf - 351 kB)
  4. Chemical safety (pdf)
  5. Laser safety (pdf - 520 kb)
  6. Workshop safety (pdf - 50 kB)
  7. Information for students and guests (pdf - 91 kB)
  8. Safety in handeling liquid nitrogen (pdf - 172 kB)
  9. Guideline for transporting dangerous goods
  10. ASTRID and ASTRID2 radiation

We also have a folder for "outside workers" about safety at IFA. (pdf -- 97 kB)

For further questions, contact IFA's daily safety manager:

Claus Grosen, building 1522, room 317. Mobile 2338 2119.