New employee - information

Welcome to the Department of Physics and Astronomy (IFA) at Aarhus University.

We would like to introduce you to some practical details and useful links before your arrival.

We recommend that you take a look at this site New employee at AU - getting started, with various presentations and relevant information before you start.

At the introduction seminar in the link above, you will receive important information about how to get a cpr. no. (social security number) / how to register in Denmark / how to open a bank account etc.

Before you start, and when you have received the e-mail: "Velkommen til", which states your AUid "auxxxxxx", you must create a phys.mail address.
Please access the self-service system and change the prefix under “personal information – e-mail addresses”.
On your profile, please also insert name and telephone number on your relatives as an emergency contact!

Once you have generated your personal phys.mail address, please inform your IFA admin. contact person, so we can add you (your phys-mail) to the relevant mailing lists.

Afterwards, you should order your access card.
Your Aarhus University Identification Number is (AUID) auxxxxxx. In the field room no. you can write your office number that you have received from your IFA admin. contact person, like “152x-xxx”. Also please inform us, when you have done this, so we can activate the card.

When preparing to move to Denmark, please look here for important relocation information  incl. link to the housing portal, if you need assistance to find accommodation.

When you arrive you can collect your access card in your mail tray and a key for your office in the information, please ask your admin. contact person, who will show you where that is.

At international staff, you can find relevant information. We also suggest you read the leaflet “International Staff – Events & Activities “.

We strongly recommend that you start a Danish course once you arrive. Please find further information about possible providers and the process here: Danish courses. Some of them provide courses at IFA.

As an employee of Aarhus University, you are covered by the AU travel insurance. You can read more about how to use it, the procedure, guideline for reporting a claim etc. at Travel-insurance (AU).

Finally please find our safety brochure choosing IFA safety no. 7!, which contains important information.

Staff social club, only in Danish – you can ask a colleague or your admin. contact person.

AU´s international webpage and IFA´s webpage.